Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Tidal Wave of Emotion

Dear Madeleine,

Oh my goodness, you sweet, silly girl. Every day you amaze me with the words that you're learning and using. Today you pointed to a passing truck and said "cah," and I wondered how long you've known that cars were passing but you were keeping that little word all to yourself. 

This morning we went on a drive, just cruising around the area, to calm Ellie down and when we returned I put you both in the house and ran back out to the car to grab my handbag. When I walked back in you were crouched down right in front of Ellie's carseat and holding her pacifier in your hand, gently coercing her to accept it from you. Ever since Ellie entered our world 5 weeks ago you have been so incredibly sweet and gentle to her.  You giggle when you see her moving, a giant smile lights up your face when you hold her hand, when you two have bath time together you very gently point out and announce that you've found Ellie's toes and when I'm breastfeeding her you love to snuggle up to me and gently pat her feathery hair on her head.  Part of your bedtime routine is giving Ellie a goodnight kiss and you make the sweetest puckering sound when you kiss her, it is without a doubt the highlight of my day, every single day.  Every day you amaze both me and Dad with your internal joy, goodness and desire to simply love your sister, your doggie and your parents. It warms my heart in a way that I didn't know was possible. 

Thank you for the happiness you bring to me every single day. 

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